South East Turkey – A Treasure of History

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NEMRUT-TUR-LOGO-SMALLTurkey is a treasury of ancient civilizations and culture. Throughout history many civilizations were established in this country and Anatolia (Asia minor) in specific. In time thousands of historical sites have been uncovered in Turkey. Thus, there are many important destinations to visit and historical ruins to see dating back to thousands of years ago.

Among these destinations are Adıyaman, Urfa (City of Prophets), Midyat, Gaziantep, Mardin and more …

As for historical ruins you should definitely see Nemrut Mountain, Cendere Bridge, Arsamia, Gobekli Tepe (The Ancient Religious Temple that Threw the History World into Chaos as they refer to it), HasanKeyf, Zeugma Muesum and many more ..

You can be sure Eastern Turkey is among the top destinations in the world where you would not regret a moment you spend.